ME 580 Power Amplifier


Australian Designed and Manufactured in Melbourne

- Modular Construction

- Dual Power Supplies and Cooling Systems

- Microprocessor based protection System

- Large Energy Storage Matrix

- Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs

Available in:

 - Stackable (Post Version as seen above)

- Free Standing

- Rack Mount

Maintaining the tradition....

The ME 580 is the newest member of the ME family of Amplifiers, with a heritage dating back more than 30 years.

It is the successor to the very popular ME550 Series II, and has all the attributes you would expect from an ME product, including extroardinary sound quality, dynamics, purity and reality.

Advanced circuit design, with sophisticated microprocessor control and monitoring, ensures exceptional performance, reliability and longevity.


- 100 watt RMS per channel (8 Ohm load) or 150 watt RMS per channel (4 Ohm load).
- Configurable to Bridged (Mono) mode via rear panel selector switch (300 watt RMS, 8 Ohm load).
- Microprocessor monitoring and control of critical functions, including operating temperature, DC offset, and excessive high frequency content, to protect both amplifier and speakers.
- Balanced and unbalanced inputs, selectable via rear panel switch.
- Dual power supplies for maximum space efficiency.
- Large energy storage matrix, upgradeable with High Capacitance option.
- Dual independently controlled variable speed cooling fans for optimum control of operating temperature.
- Ceramic bearing cooling fans for long life and low noise.
- DC servo prevents potentially damaging DC being applied to speakers.
- Load compensation circuitry, user selectable via rear panel switch, for optimum fidelity at all outputs, irrespective of individual speaker characteristics.
- Fully CNC machined aluminium case, with choice of post (stackable), free standing, or rack mount profiles.

Choice of colour combinations:
- Standard stock Black case with Chrome logo and Chrome Posts (If Post version selected)
- Natural Case with Satin Chrome logo and Satin Chrome Posts (If Post version selected)
- Other colour options are available via special order and additional cost may apply.